FuturXe is a digital asset management organization working to provide an opportunity in the industry to investors who want to secure and grow their wealth in CRYPTOCURRENCY. We specialize in ETHEREUM based digital asset trading and our expert team with their proven growth records have been able to generate amazing results in the same. FuturXe aims to take the acceptance and knowledge of BLOCKCHAIN and CRYPTOCURRENCY across the globe. We are committed to empower the global economy. FuturXe is a swiss based company head office in Geneva (Switzerland).

  • Dr Manauer Fidalgo is the founder of FuturXe who is also a part of Core Ethereum Developers.
  • FuturXe is a global, open sourced, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access. It's made up of the combined power of user's machines, from personal laptops to entire datacenters.
  • Anyone will be able to use FuturXe to compute (almost) any program you can think of, from rendering to research to running websites, in a completely decentralized & inexpensive way.
  • The FuturXe Network is a decentralized sharing economy of computing power, where anyone can make money 'renting' out their computing power or developing & selling software.

Who We Are

FuturXe is a small team, comprised of: thinkers, inventors, engineers and designers. Although we have drawn talents from many different cultures and countries, reflecting the users that we serve. We are happy to introduce our trading software , which is our pride. Check out https://the-bitcoinpro.com/ for detailed study of our system.


What drives us

FuturXe's aim is to provide privacy, security and freedom to everyone on the planet.

What Makes FuturXe
Unique Among Blockchains?

Get the joint benefits of reliable blockchain technology and advance technology

A secure Platform

The SAFE Network is soon to give access to a universe of energizing applications where the security of your information is put to the exclusion of everything else. In time, downloading the free SAFE programming will give access to: informing, applications, email, interpersonal organizations, information stockpiling, video conferencing, and a great deal more.

The service that pays you!

By giving your unused processing assets to SAFE you will be paid in a system token, called safecoin. To begin procuring, download the free SAFE programming, make your record and tell the system how much space you will give.

Secure Transfer

The SAFE Network is soon to provide access to a world of exciting apps where the security of your data is put above all else. In time, downloading the free SAFE software will provide access to: messaging, apps, email, social networks, data storage, video conferencing, and much more.

Work Every Where

FuturXe is a global, open sourced, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access. It's made up of the combined power of user's machines, from personal laptops to entire datacenters.


By providing your unused computing resources to SAFE you will be paid in a network token, called safecoin. To start earning, download the free SAFE software, create your account and tell the network how much space you are going to provide.


Speedier Payments offers an assortment of get to choices to guarantee that your needs are met when making a Faster Payment. You can interface with the administration specifically or in a roundabout way with all alternatives being protected and stable.


Login and secure your data

No compelling reason to give your secret word to anybody, or ask an outsider's consent to get to your information. Your data, and access to it, has a place with you! Your PIN and Keyword are utilized to find your information on the system and your secret key, which never leaves your machine, is then used to decode it locally.


Records exchanged to the framework are broken into pieces, encoded and dispersed over the framework. This strategy is called Self-Encryption. Right when a customer exchanges (or extras) a file to the framework, by methods for one of the SAFE Network applications, the file is actually isolated into pieces.

Distributed network

The SAFE Network is totally decentralized, with files scattered and set away wherever all through the world, on different contraptions. This empowers the framework to be solid to attacks, with no primary issue of weakness.

Data availability

The network is programmed to keep duplicate copies of each piece of data at all times. As users turn their computers off, the network makes more copies and stores them on other machines, ensuring that users always have access to their files.

Unneeded duplicates are automatically removed.

Once a file is transferred, different clients who transfer the same file will be consequently alluded to the first, constraining the quantity of duplicates and lessening the figuring assets expected to store it..


FuturXe puts an accentuation on web-program incorporation and a portable initially way to deal with convey blockchain innovation to the following level of appropriation. Its even compatible with other trading softwares like Bitcoin Loophole, and provides easy-to-use integration. If you are unclear about this, then have a look at https://www.coincrawler.de/bitcoin-loophole-erfahrungen/ and understand the entire process.






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